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Welcome to CSEPracticals, an OnlineCourse offering Website in the field of Operating Systems, Networking, Linux System Programming and Several Coding Projects. We offer only Development based Projects, no DS/ALGO/CP.

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Welcome to CSEPracticals, an Online Course offering Website in the field of Operating Systems, Networking, Linux System Programming and Several Coding Projects. We offer only Development based Projects, no DS/ALGO/CP.

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We offer 20+ Courses in the field of System Programming, Networking Theory and Development Projects. The Courses are available on Udemy and Teachable Platform with Life-time access.

Master Class : TCP/IP Mechanics from Scratch to Expert


Enrolled: 4287 Duration: 9 (h)
Price: $10.00

Networking Concepts with Socket Programming - Academic Lvl


Enrolled: 6985 Duration: 23 (h)
Price: $10.00

Asynchronous Programming Design Patterns - C/C++


Enrolled: 419 Duration: 5 (h)
Price: $10.00

Part B - Network Protocol Development in C ( from Scratch )


Enrolled: 326 Duration: 8 (h)
Price: $10.00

Network Security - Implement L3 Routing Table & Access Control List

NETWORKING DATASTRUCT ( Send Us Invitation, We will approve ) 4.4

Enrolled: 110 Duration: 2 (h)
Price: $0.00

Part A - Network Protocol Development in C ( from Scratch )


Enrolled: 609 Duration: 13 (h)
Price: $10.00

Part A - Networking Projects - Implement TCP/IP Stack in C


Enrolled: 2492 Duration: 15 (h)
Price: $10.00

Part B - Networking Projects - Implement TCP/IP Stack in C


Enrolled: 954 Duration: 8 (h)
Price: $10.00

Part A - Multithreading & Thread Synchronization - Pthreads


Enrolled: 2999 Duration: 14 (h)
Price: $10.00

Free Resources at One Place ( All Courses )

Free PDFs and Ebooks 5

Enrolled: 0 Duration: 0 (h)
Price: $0.00

Part B (ADVANCE) Multithreading Design Patterns ( pthreads )


Enrolled: 825 Duration: 9 (h)
Price: $10.00

Advanced TCP/IP Socket Programming in C/C++ (Posix)


Enrolled: 267 Duration: 9 (h)
Price: $10.00

Linux Inter Process Communication (IPC) from Scratch in C


Enrolled: 4747 Duration: 9 (h)
Price: $10.00

Linux System Programming Techniques & Concepts


Enrolled: 6143 Duration: 14 (h)
Price: $10.00

Operating System Project - Develop Heap Memory Manager in C


Enrolled: 1094 Duration: 8 (h)
Price: $10.00

Quick Integration of CLI interface to C/C++ Projects/Apps


Enrolled: 17 Duration: 2 (h)
Price: $10.00

Build Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) - from scratch in C


Enrolled: 1264 Duration: 7 (h)
Price: $10.00

Linux Kernel Programming - IPC b/w Userspace and KernelSpace


Enrolled: 1414 Duration: 3 (h)
Price: $10.00

System C Project - Write a Garbage Collector from Scratch


Enrolled: 1803 Duration: 4 (h)
Price: $10.00

Linux Timers Implementation & Design in C


Enrolled: 949 Duration: 4 (h)
Price: $10.00

Coding Project - Programming Finite State Machines


Enrolled: 835 Duration: 2 (h)
Price: $10.00

Learn Writing GNU Makefile in 30 minutes

LINUX OS Password Protected. Password is : gnupasswd 3.5

Enrolled: 2033 Duration: 1 (h)
Price: $0.00

C/C++ : Start Using Timer Library in Just 30 Minutes !

LINUX OS C Password Protected. Password is : timerlib 4.2

Enrolled: 566 Duration: 1 (h)
Price: $0.00

Understanding Domain Name System (DNS)

NETWORKING PAssword Protected. Password is dnsfreecourse 4.4

Enrolled: 3044 Duration: 2 (h)
Price: $0.00

Implement RDBMS clone from Scratch in C ( Next Arrival )

Implement postgresql clone RDBMS from scratch in C 0

Enrolled: 0 Duration: 8 (h)
Price: $10.00

Writing Parsers in C++ ( for MathExpressions / SQL etc )

C++ projects, SQL Query parser, Advanced Math Expression Parsers, C/C++ project, CFG Grammar implementation 0

Enrolled: 3 Duration: 6 (h)
Price: $10.00












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Users Reviews

The course was designed such a way that it helps the students as well as IT professionals who want to switch the domain. There are several other courses available on various networking and IPC concepts, which helps to gain deep understanding of the concepts. It will be easy for anyone to perform better at interviews/work if the implementation of projects/assignments are done. Thank You!

Bhanu Prakash Student

I have just finished this course, and I cannot recommend it more. Its an excellent course on multi-threading and achieves exactly what it intends to from the start. Some features of this course 1) You write a lot of code, and you become more confident in using the pthread library ( along with some other things, I learned how important proper use of assert function can be). 2) Abishekh goes in depth on different synchronization method and shows you have to build them using fundamental tools like mutex and condition variables. This gives you a lot of confidence, and you can build your own in future in case your chosen OS or library does not have those built-in. This in my opinion is the biggest strength of the course. 3) The team of CSE Practicals is very responsive and you can expect to get a response on your queries within a very reasonable time-frame. Ongoing to the course sequel now. Ovais

Ovais Anzar Student

Very thorough and detailed explanations of the course material. The instructor really knows his topic, and presents the information in in a well structured and easy to understand way. An excellent course.

Matt Miller Student

Exceptional course, would leave 6 stars if I could! If you have completed introductory+intermediate courses on C programming, and you are comfortable with data structures and algorithms in C, then you are well primed to undertake this project. I recently presented this project at an assessment centre, highlighting the differences between my approach to some areas versus Abisheks (i.e iterative graph traversal versus recursive graph traversal, algorithm to update root objects etc..) and I was given a job offer. So thank you Abishek! If you are considering taking this course I would honestly suggest that you ignore all negative reviews. They are left by people who are either at a level too beginner to appreciate the course, or people who simply refuse to see the effort that went into its development. I highly recommend Abishek as an instructor and I will be enrolling in every single one of his C courses!

Lloyd Malecaut Student

To be honest, I was very skeptical while purchasing this course thinking that the handling would be no better than any fresher level course, however, to my amazement some very advanced and complex concepts have been explained and handled in this course. The trainer seems to be fully in control of the flow of information and the graphics are beyond expectations. Altogether, it synchronizes into a very thorough & advanced course on networking, which even experienced professionals would find very useful. Being through it already - I can easily recommend it to everyone & say that if you are thinking - you are wasting your time - go for it and move up the notch - you wont be disappointed!!

Shivam Student

Above expectations! Finally a course discussing and implementing real problems and solutions! Suggestions to authors: - Assignment should be at the end of the course. - Appendices should be referenced with originating courses.

Artur Wachowski Student

I'm surprised with two things in this course: 1- The hight level of knowledge of the author about the subject 2 - The excellent way he's capable to explain such a such thing such the low level working of TCP His explanations are perfect, very concise and clear, yes, may be he repeats a lot of concepts once and again, but I think it is a good thing, it helps to reinforce such concepts becouse there is a lot under the covers of how TCP works.. Excellent course, 20 over 10

Amazing course I've never seen a course so detailed about complex subjects, I would rate it 1000 stars if I could. But for the love of God guys you are doing yourselves a big disservice by having the very first video of the course(the linux VM setup guide) with that audio quality it may discourage people from taking the course. Especially it's a shame since that video also contains very detailed and useful information. Other than that everything was great I will buy other courses from you :)

Paul Popovici Student

Yet another incredible course by CSEPracticals. The instructor's knowledge is *vast* - definitely my favorite instructor on Udemy now. Seriously, if you want to understand how C and programming in general works under the hood, take this course. I really enjoyed that this course was more theory-heavy than the others. Lots of valuable information such as how malloc / calloc / realloc and heap memory works, how memory mapping and paging works, 36 bit vs 64 bit, etc. The theory is accompanied by tons of analogies, illustrations, and examples along the way. There's a LOT of information in here that you will absolutely need to know for interviews and professional software development. Excellent stuff!

Matthew Zito Student

Great content as always. I took this course because I enjoyed the instructor's System's programming concepts course. Take this course, you won't regret it. Some remarks: Instructor repeats a point a lot, but I came to like this actually. You can continue watching the video even though you don't understand it at first and it gets clearer as the video goes on. %99 of the time I watch the videos on 2x speed. I don't mind it. Instructor answers all questions in a timely manner. Sometimes you see that he has typos in slides. He always corrects this during the video but if you are coming back to the slides keep that in mind.

Baris Can Vural Student

This course exceeded my expectations. I really just wanted a deeper understanding of socket programming, and couldn't find anything that really unpacked the concepts behind sockets for me, but what I got was an in-depth course on the fundamentals of networking, including a thorough education on creating sockets in C. I strongly recommend this course for anyone wanting to get started with a thorough foundation in networking principles and programming, as it is an excellent course.

Matthew Crowell Student

The in depth explanation about different IPC mechanism is very good. I have a good working experience on Windows IPC but I thought to take this course and understand the difference. During the course, there were lot of lower lever information came and trainer explained them well. And those information are very good and can be considered during design. I appreciate trainer and I love his courses.

The course was EXCELLENT. I learnt al0o0o0o0o0t. The tutor is one of my best person who I want to be like. The content was wonderful and if someone wants to understand what is going on behind the scene, they should take this course. I am 100% sure I will take aaaallll other courses Abhishek teaches. Besides, he is very very very nice guy.